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Registration for U.Lab now open!

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It’s an exciting day today – registration for the next U.Lab is now open!

And not only that but if you are participating from Scotland, there is an extra special thing we’d like you to do – complete a short questionnaire that will get you access to some additional U.Lab Scotland activities.

To find this questionnaire, you will need to: Continue reading

Hosting a hub of residents in Portobello, Edinburgh by Peter Ashe

We hope that our series on hub hosting has shown how diverse a hub can be, both in terms of make-up and in how it is hosted.  If you would like to share your experiences or how you are going about preparing yourself for your hub, please get in touch with Keira (Keira.Oliver@gov.scot)

And so in the last of our planned series of hub hosting, Peter Ashe tells us about their hub of residents in the Portobello area of Edinburgh:

What sort of hub were we?

About 25-30 people were more-or-less routinely involved; we met on Monday evenings (the learning material was released on Thursdays) for two hours or more, at TribePorty, a shared workspace in Portobello.

‘u.lab Scotland’ had encouraged people to come together in place or topic based hubs. In Portobello, we weren’t really either of these. We took the stance that allowing ‘themes’ or topics to emerge as the course went on, rather than declaring one or more, upfront.

Three of us shared the routine activities of hosting, with valuable contributions from others for specific activities. Continue reading

Our Hub Experience in Lanarkshire by Carol Chamberlain

In the second of our “hub hosting” series, Carol Chamberlain tells us of her experience and reflections of hosting a cross-sector hub in Lanarkshire:


Lanarkshire Hub blog post

How we started it

Following the three national u.lab events that took place in summer 2015 (click here for videos of the preparatory events), and the invitation that was out there to form hubs, I put an invitation out initially to about 15 people. What also happened, and I think will happen with any hub forming is that the word of mouth acts as a strong medium for this and just through talking and sharing and others hearing the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from being involved with u.lab, is that those curious for change will be attracted to come along. This is what happened with our hub. Although I put the invitation out, I was conscious that there had been at least three other people from different organisations/sectors who had attended the national events so I was confident that the passion was there to get together. Even writing this I am uncomfortable writing I was, as it is/was clear from an early stage that the collectivism was there from the beginning and you are part of a “we, us, “experience and not an “I, me”

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Introduction to u.lab is now available!

u.lab 0x front page

u.lab has run twice now and the team have responded to the community’s ask for an introductory course.  The result is u.lab 0x which has launched today!

(edX loves its numbered courses so whenever you see u.lab 0x think “u.lab the introduction”)

In this 90-minute, self-paced course you will be introduced to Theory U, a framework and method developed at MIT and practiced by individuals, organisations and larger communities around the world to learn from the emerging future.

u.lab 0x is actually just the entry point to a longer journey and emerging global network.  In u.lab 0x, you will learn about people, projects, new collaborative learning environments, and social technologies that work to transform the economy and society from within.  u.lab 0x will help you identify an issue or challenge to work on, and will introduce you to the resources available in the u.lab community to support you. Continue reading

Reflections on hosting a thematic hub by Gavin Paterson (Glasgow, Scotland)

In the last post, we told you about the new U.Lab hub host guide and that a hub can be almost shape, size and configuration.  It should be shaped around the needs of the participants.  To give you a flavour of how some folks have done it, we asked a number of hub hosts from last U.Lab to share their reflections .  In the first in the series, Gavin Patterson tells us his story of his “thematic” hub, where all the participants came together around a pre-agreed topic:

After much reflection, many conversations and planning, I decided to host a U.Lab hub, which would be themed around self management of health conditions. The main appeal, for me, was the opportunity to bring together people from various sectors who had an interest in self management and build relationships with them. Here are some of the steps we took and some of the things I would do differently. Continue reading

Less than a month to go! Thinking of hosting a U.Lab hub? And “Intro to U.Lab” launches next week!

If so, then this might be the post you’ve been waiting for ;)  In it, there are details on:

  • a hub host guide
  • a map to pin your hub to
  • an offer for a free one day session on the Art of Café Hosting on Wed 17 Aug by the Scottish Recovery Consortium.

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Great post by Outside the Box on how they used U lab – read and be inspired!

The difference a year can make – what happed to us as a consequence of U Lab

U Lab Scotland National Assembly 1 Sep 2016 930 – 1600 the HUB Edinburgh



Hi all,

just to let you know that we’ve got moving with the U lab national event for this year.  You’ll remember that last year we did a few of these.

This year you’ve been doing your own. But we thought maybe you’d want to get together in a bigger group to share some of that!

So we’ve organised a date and a place for a national coming together.

Please book yourself a spot at the link above.

And if you can’t come please cancel that.

The outline in the link is just some rough ideas of what we’ve been feeling may want to come up that day. We’d love any other ideas you might have.  Just pop us a comment or a quick message.

Otherwise….see you on the 1st Sep.

U Lab Scotland