Kinder Scotland 21-day Challenge – starts tomorrow!

Happy new year!  I wonder what 2017 will hold?  After last year, there does seem to be a sense that anything really is possible.  Many of us will be returning to work today after the festive period.  So as a way to positively kick off the year, why not join over 250 of us by […]

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Events, News

u.lab the MOOC finishes.. u.lab the movement continues

Today will be the first Thursday in two months that there isn’t a fresh batch of materials released for u.lab.  All the material will remain available on edX, as will the features on the u.lab community site (although not sure how long registration remains open on edX for so do it quick!).  This means you can […]

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The Basics

Week 0 – discombobulating and orientating?

U.Lab officially started last Thursday with the release of week 0 material and while many hubs have already met for the first time, in some ways, it still feels like it hasn’t quite started yet.  You may have thought, “what’s a week 0?!”  Well, week 0 is an orientation week to give you some time to become […]

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